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    I need this because of reasons.

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    Merry crisis and a happy new fear

    Bacchus and Lisa

    Victoria’s secret

    The birth of Venus

    El eterno juego

    Marco Battaglini


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    Landing/Grounding, 2011

    Sarah Awad

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    Kaspian Shore.

    Paintings and drawings by German artist Kaspian Shore (Previously on Supersonic):

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    Apeseven’s “Deifik.”

    Opening this Thursday, October 2nd at Just Another Project Space in Sydney, Australia is Apeseven’s brand new solo show “Deifik.”  The show will present a body of work based around the themes of skeletal design and their organic beauty both supporting life and also supporting future life once they become part of the landscape themselves.

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    Brooks Salzwedel, New Works.

    A series of brand new works of art by Brooks Salzwedel (Previously on Supersonic) entitled “Natl. Parks" which are on view at George Billis Gallery in Los Angeles, California until November 1st.  Brooks creates his work with vellum and resin to create a three dimensional work of art of phantom like landscapes, some of which are based on real locations and other imaginary.  You can see more of the haunting but beautiful work below.

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